One thought on “Why? Because Keeping Promises Matter!

  1. John Davis

    Brigitte Grimm is worth re-electing. Being Treasurer in a big County we need a person who can run the office and Brigitte Grimm has proven that she can. Brigitte is passionate about what she does and helping people. She took over an office in disarray due to horrible management by the previous, terribly unqualified Treasurer, and has implemented many changes that have improved efficiency, customer service as well as employee morale. I assure you we do not want to get into the situation of Dems voting straight party line and putting another unqualified individual into an office that has control over how County money is invested. Before you vote, do your research on the candidates as well as what each office is responsible for. I know the Treasurer has received a lot of grief over things like the storm water tax. What most people don’t understand is that the treasurer doesn’t make up these taxes, only collects what they are told to collect.


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