• Erik Hansen – Adams County Commissioner, former Mayor of Thornton
  • Bob Briggs – former Westminster City Councillor & ADCO Commissioner
  • Marty Flaum – former Adams County Commissioner
  • Heidi Williams – Mayor of Thornton
  • Herb Atchison – Mayor of Westminster
  • Dick McLean – Mayor of Brighton
  • Sue Sandstrom – Arapahoe County Treasurer
  • Tim Kaufman – Jefferson County Treasurer
  • Diane Holbert – Douglas County Treasurer
  • John Lefebvre – Weld County Treasurer (former Adams County Treasurer)
  • Steve House – 2014 Candidate for Colorado Governor, CO ST. GOP Chair
  • Sean Forest – Thornton Business Owner, Adams County Citizen
  • Al M. Dominguez J.D. – former Weld County District Attorney


Brigitte Grimm is worth re-electing. Being Treasurer in a big County we need a person who can run the office and Brigitte Grimm has proven that she can. Brigitte is passionate about what she does and helping people. She took over an office in disarray due to horrible management by the previous, terribly unqualified Treasurer, and has implemented many changes that have improved efficiency, customer service as well as employee morale. I assure you we do not want to get into the situation of Dems voting straight party line and putting another unqualified individual into an office that has control over how County money is invested. Before you vote, do your research on the candidates as well as what each office is responsible for.


Take a look at what Brigitte has done in this office in the past four years. When do we see our elected officials keep every promise they make? Brigitte deserves a second term and is the ONLY qualified candidate.



Brigitte Grimm testimonial


Letter to the Editor:

This letter is to support the re-election of Brigitte Grimm to the elected office of Adams County Treasurer.  Ms. Grimm has been the Adams County treasurer for the last 4 years and while in office has modernized the office and made it more efficient, accountable, effective and transparent.  She did this by saving the Adams County taxpayers over $250,000.00 per year in the cost of running the office.  This results in a savings of over $1,000,000 (One Million Dollars) every four years.  She implemented state of the art computer systems that modernized the office and made it more accessible to the public. 

She increased the trust the public and other elected officials have in the office, which has allowed her to be open and transparent in her dealings.  She has been one of the few elected officials who has successfully implemented private sector practices into a government office.  Her experience in leadership has allowed her to create an atmosphere in the office where employees feel valued and are given the freedom to be creative while at the same time exhibiting the highest level of ethical conduct and accountability.  Thereby allowing them to come up with better ways to serve the public.  Her leadership style is such that when you call the office, she answers the phone, when you e-mail her, she e-mails you back, and when you visit the office you will find her there to welcome you. 

She holds a Masters in Business Administration Degree and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Systems.  Both of these make her highly qualified for the position of Adams County Treasure and have helped her to be so successful the last 4 years in running that office.  I was an elected official for 16 years and I never met someone as qualified for elected office as Brigitte.  Too often, as a nation, we elect individuals to government positions because they are “nice people” or they belong to the right political party.  The citizens of Adams County have the opportunity to re-elect an individual that is highly qualified and that has proven that she has what it takes to successfully represent the citizens in the Office of Adams County Treasurer. I urge you to vote this election season, look closely at what the candidates are promising and then elect those that have a track record of working for the citizens and not just for themselves.  Working for the citizens is exactly what you will get if you re-elect Brigitte Grimm to the office of Adams County Treasurer.

 Al Dominguez, J.D.

Retired District Attorney

19th Judicial District (Weld County)



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