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A Letter To A Mentor….

I met Brigitte 5 years ago, and she has been the most inspiring mentor. She’s seen my successes, she’s seen my failures, and she’s stuck beside me through it all. She is the person who I look up to and want to be just like. Independent. Head strong. Ambitious. Unafraid to tackle challenges. Fearless. The adjectives which can describe her are endless. I’m so lucky and blessed to have been able to meet her five years ago at the career expo.



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Adams County Treasurer Hours & Contact Information

Brigitte Grimm profile pic
Brigitte Grimm, MBA
Adams County Treasurer

4430 S. Adams County Pkwy.
Suite C2436
Brighton, CO  80601 

 Ph: 720.523.6160



11860 Pecos Street, #2324
Westminster, Co 80234

Full property tax collection office offering services that include:

  • Hours – Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:30-5 (for now)
  • Property tax collection for all property classifications,
  • Senior exemption and property tax deferral assistance,
  • Mobile Homeownership transfers and relocation services,
  • Free income tax program for income qualifying residents (January –April)


Click here to make a tax payment online, view your parcel details, obtain current and prior year payment history and receipts, and view or print your current year tax statement.

Click here for the delinquent mobile home tax list for Tax Year 2015.


The Adams County Treasurer is a constitutional officer elected for a four-year term and is charged with collecting all county property taxes, distributing those taxes to the various underlying taxing authorities, and investing the difference on behalf of the county.


Property taxes are collected one year in arrears. In 2017 the Treasurer’s Office will collect the 2016 taxes for a total value over $600 million on approximately 180,000 tax bills.

By June 30th each year, the Treasurer’s Office collects about 95% of all taxes billed. By December 31st, 99.9% of all taxes will be collected.

IMPORTANT:  The Assessor maintains the mailing addresses for tax statement notifications. Click here to print the form.  When completed, mail the form to:

Adams County Assessor’s Office

4430 South Adams County Parkway

2nd Floor, Suite C2100

Brighton, CO 80601

 Once updated, the Assessor’s file rolls to the Treasurer’s system, therefore notification to the Treasurer’s office is not necessary.


The Treasurer’s office distributed property taxes to approximately 250 (of the 350+) underlying taxing authorities with the following breakdown for 2016:

Type of Levy Tax % Distributed
School Districts 52%
County 24%
Special Districts 19%
Cities 5%
Total 100%


The office prepares monthly statements reflecting amounts collected and disbursed to all underlying authorities. Click here to view statements.


The Treasurer manages the County’s investment portfolio in accordance with Colorado State Statutes and the Adams County Investment Policy.  Our primary objective of investment activities, in order of priority, is always safety, liquidity, and lastly yields. Our diverse portfolio holds; Federal Agencies, US Treasuries, CDs, Money Markets, Commercial Paper, and Corporate Bonds.  Our liquidity needs are met with deposits through COLOTRUST, Colorado’s authorized local government investment pool.


In addition to the collection of taxes, the Treasurer’s Office also performs tax deferment applications, manufactured home authentications, prepares Certificates of Taxes Due, prepares tax sale, processes redemptions, and responds to all other inquiries related to taxation.

Reports of the fiscal activities of the Treasurer’s Office are submitted to the County Commissioners and published semi-annually.

The Treasurer enforces collection of delinquent taxes by conducting an annual delinquent real estate and mobile home property tax sale. Personal property is subject to distraint, seizure, and sale of the property.

The Treasurer is also a member of the Adams County Retirement Board.

Lastly, the Adams County Treasurer’s office sponsors the Free IRS Income Tax Preparation Program – serving our income qualifying residents with free income tax preparation.


Please contact me by email at or by phone at 720.523.6160 with any comments, questions, or suggestions on how we can better serve you.


To see “What’s New” and our annual “Newsletters” click here.


Treasurer Duties

The County Treasurer is a constitutional officer elected for a four-year term. The Office receives all revenues belonging to the County and proceeds with all activity required to complete the property tax collection process.

The Office prepares and mails annual tax notices, delinquent tax notices, process all tax collections, annual tax lien sale, mobile home transfer/advance collections; issues distraint warrants for unpaid mobile homes, seizure and sale of delinquent personal property, tax lien sale redemptions; and issuance of Treasurer’s deeds, bankruptcy cases, oil and gas collections, tax deferral and tax counseling for the elderly; and the paying agent for school district bonds.

The County Treasurer disburses monies to the various authorities for whom taxes are collected, 12 school districts; honors County warrants, investment of funds; collects insufficient fund checks and issues certificate of tax due based on the tax change.

Brigitte Grimm
Brigitte Grimm

4430 S. Adams County Pkwy.
Suite C2436
Brighton, CO  80601

Ph: 720.523.6160
Delinquent Tax Information
Fx: 720.523.6175

Monday – Friday
7 a.m. – 5 p.m.