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Thank you Westminster 710 Rotary for the opportunity today to share the function, progress, and future goals of the Adams County Treasurer’s office.

Event Description:
Join us for Part 1 in a 3-part series of workshops that will address the most common challenges to growth and profitability.  Each workshop will touch on Leadership as a major contributor to accomplishing success.
Friday – Sept. 8- Employee Engagement
Friday – October 20 – Hiring and Retention
Friday – November 10 – Driving Change
Guest Speaker – David Cohn with David Cohn Associates

School’s out for summer!

Another successful semester has wrapped up!

12 chapters of accounting (so fun) in 8 weeks – now that is a lot of debits and credits.



Treasurer ACTUAL annual expenses:

2003 (14 years ago) $1,448,125
2016 $990,220

We spend nearly $500K less now than we did 14 years ago!

Due to the recent hail storm, 26 students from Adams City High School were unable to attend a public hearing to be recognized for their public service to Commerce City families.

Today I delivered Proclamations signed by the Adams County Commissioners to those 26 students at Adams City High School. This past tax season, they volunteered their time to serve 423 families resulting in $1 million in federal and state refunds.

I’m bringing awareness to another predatory tactic against homeowners with tax liens.

Please contact my office directly at 720-523-6160 if you receive this notice or anything resembling someone trying to help you with a tax lien.

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo — The Adams County Treasurer is warning home owners of a scam that is spreading around the state, and if you fall victim you could end up losing your home.

Many homeowners with delinquent tax liens have received a letter threatening that the ownership of their home could be in jeopardy and an offer to help pay their tax lien.

“It’s kind of a scare tactic and our message today is that if you get a letter like this or something that resembles this, it’s best that you call the treasurer’s office,” Adams County Treasurer Brigitte Grimm said.

Adams County told the FOX31 Problem Solvers that they are seeing numerous records requests for the list of 2,100 delinquent tax liens in their county. A sign that scammers are looking for targets.

“We got a number of calls yesterday, so we suspect this letter just went out,” Grimm said. “There is no third party that can assist in reducing your taxes.”

Grimm told the Problem Solvers there’s nothing to negotiate when it comes to delinquent tax liens held against your property, so these people that say they can help you – can’t.

“We want to make sure nobody is losing their homes to unpaid taxes,” Grimm said. “But we also want to make sure there is not another party involved that is possibly charging a fee for a service they can’t provide. That has to come from the treasurer’s office.”

Click the link below to watch the video interview:

Scammers targeting Adams County homeowners with delinquent tax liens

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